IPSAM Vacuum trucks

Since 65 years, IPSAM has been the ultimate reference in building tailor-made vacuum and high pressure installations. We are market leader in the Benelux and we have produced over 30.000 agricultural tanks and vacuum trucks.

Nowadays we mostly produce vacuum trucks for general, public and industrial cleaning services. Our vacuum installations are firstly used for the removal of liquid waste. Combined with high pressure water, they are also able to perform the cleaning.

The vacuum trucks are used e.g. to empty septic tanks, for the maintenance of sewage systems and gullies, the collection of oils and greases for further treatment, the cleaning of industrial installations with hazardous substances, catalysts etc.

Our mission?
Building reliable and durable tailor-made installations which will enable you to work for years without interference. Optimal quality and after-sales service are crucial for us.



  • “A” quality components

  • Best choice for price-quality

  • 65 years of experience and knowhow

  • In-house finishing (treatment, coating, …)

  • Top quality staff

  • COP-certified

  • Superstructure can be build on top of every brand of   truck

  • 24/7 repair service

  • Parts and maintenance

  • Innovations tailor-made to your sector

Your wish, our business


We build for you an advanced, reliable and durable tailor-made working instrument. Exactly to your desires. Each project starts with an engineering process taking all your specifications and wishes into account. After all, each application and use has its own needs and requirements. You are the one who knows best how to execute your work and what is required.

On top of that, we also make ‘specials’ or special machine construction projects which is aligned with our competences in the fabrication of pressure vessels, hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics. Do you have a specific question fo a unique application? IPSAM has the answer. Our multidisciplinary team will take on any challenge.


You can ask our loyal customers: an IPSAM will last an eternity. Our robust installations are designed and built to keep on functioning faultlessly under the most extreme conditions. A well maintained installation will last for 15 to 20 years easily!
Thanks to this strong durability, you will attain more return on investment. Your total cost of ownership or the total amount of costs from purchase to post-employment- is lower for pressure and vacuum trucks which are cheaper in purchase price, but which cost more in maintenance and reparation during their shorter lifespan.
Our vacuum and pressure trucks also have a higher market value on resale.

Top Service

IPSAM guarantees quality and durability. But of course, as with every tool you use daily, proper maintenance is of essence. We also realise how important it is for you to be operational again as soon as possible in case of malfunction. Time is money.
An experienced service team is ready for you. We have an elaborate warehouse with spare parts and a well equipped service van ready to go.
We also give you a hand with the mandatory inspections & certifications. Those are needed at different stages to meet all the legal requirements.

Opt for robust A quality and innovative solutions tailor-made to your sector. Come and talk about your project.