More than machine building

Since 65 years, IPSAM designs and produces tailor-made tank containers and mobile tank installations for industrial use. Our roots are in agriculture. In 1952 we were developing agricultural machinery which were revolutionary at that time. Since then, we have grown into a worldwide reference in tank containers and mobile tank installations for different sectors. Moreover, we always integrate the newest technologies in vacuum and pumping techniques.


Market leader in the Benelux

IPSAM is the market leader in the Benelux for the building of industrial vacuum trucks, mobile high pressure units and combitrucks. All with an option for ADR, SIR or ATEX version. Our client-specific machines are used everywhere for the maintenance of sewage systems, company terrains, industrial installations and the cleaning of storage tanks or boilers. We also develop innovative machines for environmental cleaning applications.

Our mission? To build durable and reliable machines to enable our clients to earn a living for years. Full working comfort, ease of use, quality and reliability are of essence for us. That’s why all our products are always designed and built tailor-made. Since its creation, IPSAM has produced over 2.000 units.

Efficient and reliable

As an entrepreneur, you’d walk through fire for your company. IPSAM helps you to get the maximum out of your efforts every day. We build for you a powerful and unique tool which will offer a return on investment from day one. From now on, start the job even faster and more efficient, without downtime for maintenance and repairs.

Excellent in service

Client is king at IPSAM. This translates in a fully tailor-made tank vehicle or tank container, but also in a personalised service. From administration and assessments to maintenance and repairs: you can count on the fast and helpful service of our team. This way, you will always stay king of the road.

At home in your world

We share the love and passion for your machine, your invaluable working instrument with which you are almost one. We always keep up-to-date  with the needs in your sector and we use every opportunity to keep innovating. This way, we are always ahead in implementing new trends and technologies.


Also special projects

An unseen powerful machine? A project combining multiple applications? Our engineers are more than open for a special mission. Are you looking for an advanced build-up for a specific application? One address. We love to be your partner in any challenging project.

Open company culture

Team spirit, creativity and mutual respect are at the centre of our company. In our philosophy, everyone in our company has the right to a positive and safe working environment in which he or she can fully develop his abilities. That approach pays off: the average working time of our employees is over 10 years.

always IPSAM

Without pretension: you can call us the Rolls Royce of the industrial machinery. An IPSAM is so much more than just a powerful machine doing what you want without troubles. It’s a way of working. There’s only one disadvantge: IPSAM-drivers become hard to please.

Opt for robust A quality and innovative solutions tailor-made to your sector. Come and talk about your project. Make an appointment here without obligations.

Opt for robust A quality and innovative solutions tailor-made to your sector. Come and talk about your project.