We build our installations on a truck chassis or a tractor-trailer combination. Of course this can also be done on a towing trailer, container skid or frame.

We help our customers in 5 different segments:

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Services


Public Cleaning Services


General Removal & Declogging Services


Agriculture & Contractors


Special Applications


Some of our possibilities:

Discharge by compressor

Hydraulically driven and mounted on top of the vacuum or next to the installation.

Suction/discharge by vacuum pump

Through a pneumatic or manual four-way-valve, combinable with water ring pump, lobe blower or pallet pump.

Swivelling exhaust

Can be positionned in any desired position. Can also be put straight up, for the gasses to be emitted from 6m above the ground.

PLC control

Control of the installation through PLC-programmation. Wireless remote control with emergency stop (functions to be determined by the customer).

Suction hose cassette

Hydraulically driven hose suction winch, mounted on top of the vacuum tank. Including extendable arm for the positioning of the sucking hose.

Tilted tank

Vacuum tank tilted with a hydraulic front tilting cilinder (angle  +/- 45°). Walking platform with pneumatic or manual mountable railing following the security prescriptions.

More options

Weighing system
Central lubrication system
SIR vacuum / SIR high pressure

Opt for robust A quality and innovative solutions tailor-made to your sector. Come and talk about your project.