Your installation, our care

If your installation is down, your company is down. That’s why our service doesn’t stop after the handover of your installation. You can always count on an excellent service for your maintenance, repair or re-assessment. Our experienced service team is ready for you: at our or your location.


When it’s urgent

In urgent cases, call us. We will do our very best to assist you within 24 hours with the necessary repairs. This way you can go back to work soon.

Service +32 3 670 17 48

What does IPSAM service mean for you?

  • Fast intervention on location within 24 hours.

  • Short lead time for maintenance and repair

  • Telephonic first line help for questions and small repairs

  • Fully equiped garage and service vehicle

  • Warehouse with extended assortment of parts in stock

  • Direct follow-up and dispatching of parts

  • Revision high pressure and vacuum pumps in personal operation

  • Pool vehicles at your disposal during maintenance and repairs

  • Timely re-assessment following the requirements

Opt for robust A quality and innovative solutions tailor-made to your sector. Come and talk about your project.